• Q2:How will I know what tent size to buy?

    We have a variety of sizes for different types tents.

    First please tell our sales what type you need, if you are unsure about this, ask free suggestions from them. our sales are experienced in calculating the size of tent you need based on the numbers of guests you are expecting as well as what you’d like to have covered by the tent. We will also create a CAD diagram for your tents or floor plan to help you visualize or make modifications before ordering or production.

    A great rule of thumb to go by, A 60inch round tables seats 8 or 10 people and requires 10 square feet (with enough space for people to move around)

    Anyway how to decide the tent size depends on the type of event you are planning.

    The rule of thumb is 8-10 square feet/person for a stand up cocktail party or buffet events

    For a sit down party you will need about 12-15 square feet/person.

    This does not include space needed for dance floors or banquet tables, catering tables. music equipment etc.