Customers FAQs

Q9:Shoud I buy sidewalls ?

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Q8:Are Sidewalls included in the price of the tent?

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Q7:What kinds of sidewalls do you have for tents?

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Q6:What is a differece between a tent and a canopy ?

Q6:What is a differece between a tent and a canopy ? | GuangZhou CaiMing Tent Manufacture Co.,Ltd. Party Tents,Star Tent,Wedding Tents,Business Tents,Event planning star wars tent,star shade tent

Q5:In case of emergency–How do I contact someone outside of business hours?

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Q4:How do you handle the payment ?

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Q3:I am ready to buy your tents ,How do I go about placing my order ?

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Q27:What documents are available?

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Q26:What size tent is necessary for your special event?

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