Many within the military industry, including procurement specialists, public works officers, and engineers, have already made Clear span structures as their choice for military facilities. CaiMing military tent structures are used as dining facilities, on-site warehousing facilities, vehicle maintenance facilities and access control point military shelters for bases.

CaiMing Tent structures make ideal military facilities because they’re engineered to handle extreme conditions, including hurricane winds and rains, and with airtight structure, frequent sand storms like those in the Middle East. CaiMing Tent structure is also an ideal solution for military tents that require comfortable climate control for personnel. With plenty of customized designs available like large hangar doors, big tail doors, CaiMing Tent structures maximize army barracks or air force facility space and require limited manpower to set up.

CaiMing’s durable structure is made of quality materials that can easily be erected, relocated, and adapted to suit changing mission needs. And CaiMing’s lightweight aluminium frame profile and flexible tensioned fabric make shipping to remote locations a breeze, while construction is completed efficiently and under budget.

•Vehicle Maintenance
•On-site Warehousing
•Army Barracks
•Dining Facilities and Mess Halls
•Access Control Point Shelters
•Ministry of Water Resources Facilities
•Military shelters
•Air Force Facilities
•Military Lodging Facilities
•Motor pools
•Medical Facilities
•Operations and Logistics
•Military Tents
•Marine Corps Barracks