1.QE:Product Quality Complaint Handling Engineer

To customer explain ,handling and coordination the product quality, the engineer is directly with the business, including the system file management, customer complaint, reply, program files set, etc.

Q8:Are Sidewalls included in the price of the tent?

All of our tents are offered at a price with sidewalls and a price without sidewalls. The prices of the sidewalls reflect the size of the tent or order

2.QA:Quality Assurance Engineers

This is the quality assurance group, it is the company’s internal a unit ,which improvement of customer complaint investigation, puts forward process optimization scheme and improve the quality of the product.

Q9:Shoud I buy sidewalls ?

We do suggest that you buy them “just in case” . But if using it for your tents or not ,That all depends ,if it doesn’t rain,sidewalls will increase the temperature under the tent by 10-15 degrees . Sidewalls are good if it is cold out ,Remember the benefits of sidewalls…..Proection from rain and wind , for privacy (maybe a disliked nosy neighbor) or if you want to block out an unattractive view close to where your tent is set up etc. If you choose to buy the sidewalls, remember to specify in advance if you want sidewalls and what kind of sidewalls so that we can offer the most accurate prices . Pls no worry about how to put up and take down the walls ,we have instructions and photos and Online install video to teach you .

3.FQC:Incoming Inspection

In the completion of production, product flow to logoff, namely packaging warehousing. In the process, FQC will judge the quality of the product to conduct a comprehensive inspection, including packaging, performance, appearance, etc. Ensure the incoming product’s performance,appearance , packaging are well and meets the requirements. accroding the customer’s need it can set up all necessary inspection and production control and packing work . Simple said is after the quality training work in the packing inspection, subordinate line process. It can be done by production units, FQC for sampling check and deposited in the warehouse.

Q10:Can marquee or tents be opened up in warm weather ?

Yes ,The walls of all our marquees can be easily opened and removed

4.IQC: Incoming Quality Cheak

Enterprises inspect the products of the supplier after the material requirements order placement. IQC is founded on the basis of this and its role is to guarantee benign enterprise material library.

Q11:Could you put tents on hard concrete surfaces and soft grass and sand surfaces?

All of our tents are perfect for such installations ,free expansions screws are provided for each tent to install on hard surfaces,sometimes they will need to be weighted with loading plates. And if you will put tent on soft grass or sand surfaces ,pls also remember to specify so that we add costs of ground anchors to the quote . However ,For pegs and pole tents ,loading plates are seldom used, they need to be staked. We offer free screws and anchors for this type tents .No extra charges for ropes and anchors and other necessary fittings.

5.IPQC/PQC: Process Quality Contro

After the material inspection, for the reason such as batch sampling and reservoir storage and so on, the process will also have some quality problems of the product, so it needs to sure the quality of products when they will be launched and PQC is confirmation of the first article and the quality specification and supervision in the process of batch production in order to improve finished products rate and reduce the cost.

Q12:How far in advance should I begin planing and buying tents ?

CaiMing has no specific requirements ,however,once you know what you need.don’t hestate to call us or send us emails for quotes first . Not only large events but also small private evnts, we suggest carrying out your purchase plan 4 months to 1 year in advance .When You import tents from us,it takes time to deliver from China to your country and extra times in customs clearance at your side. For personal use, It is good to receive the tents as early as possible before events . For Services companies in tent hire or sale business,it is very important to catch the peak seasons in your area .Take the change,catch your lucky and fortune.